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We at Bellefontaine High School feel that attendance at school is a vital part of a student’s education. Not only does this insure that a student is present to receive instruction and assignments, but it also teaches students the importance of regular attendance when they enter their chosen profession. In addition to this, the State of Ohio’s compulsory attendance law states that students are to be in school unless there is a valid excuse for their absence.

In order to see that this is accomplished, all students will miss no more than seven classes (block/skinny) per semester. Students will miss no more than four classes per nine week course (such as PE, Health, etc.). If one semester or the other is failed, the year-long skinny class credit will be issued per semester. It is the responsibility of the student to collect the required makeup work for ANY absence, including truancy and Out of School Suspensions.

Unexcused Absences and Truancy count toward the 7 day absence limit. If a student arrives to school between 8:00 am, start of 1st Period, and 8:45 am, completion of 1st Period, he/she will be marked as tardy to school. At the completion of 1st Period, the students are marked as half (1/2) day morning absence. Absences for attendance (C/W) are based on a period by period attendance. Parent/Guardian/Medical contact/note is required for an absence to be any other category besides truant.

Absences not included in the total allotted days: (2) Preapproved college visits for juniors and seniors, out of school suspension, incarceration in Juvenile Detention Center/jail, religious holidays, funeral and court hearings/attorney meetings with documentation or other school related activities approved by administration in advance. (2) Preapproved vacation days for a family vacation. In order to qualify for this absence, the student will need to turn in a Vacation Form at least three (3) school days prior to the first date of the vacation.

A student’s credits are withheld (C/W) when a student exceeds 7 unexcused/truant absences per semester for a block class and 14 unexcused/truant absences on the year for a year long class. (Year long coursed may have credit issued on a semester basis.)

Students will be required to serve 4 hours of “seat time” to redeem one day, two or more periods, of absence. If a student only needs to redeem one period of absence, he/she will need to serve 2 hours of “seat time”. It is the responsibility of the student to sign up for after school detention in the main office.

In case of extenuating circumstances, extensions may be granted by the administration. Home instruction may be applied for at 15 consecutive medical absences with proper medical documentation.

Students who continue to be absent beyond the limit will be subject to disciplinary action. Parent conferences, mediations and/or contacts via the Attendance Officer or Associate Principal, referrals to Juvenile Court, suspensions or expulsions may be recommended for chronic offenders who in violation of District Policy or State Attendance Laws.

Truancy is defined as being absent from a class or school without authorization from the administration or parent/guardian. Truant students will not be eligible for absence extensions. These students are subject to disciplinary action.

Initial unexcused/truancy referrals may be made on students to the Juvenile Court when a student accumulates at least 5 days of absence unless an extension has been approved by Administration. A court filing will be made on students by the Associate Principal. The Associate Principal may also file unruly charges and/or make recommendation for expulsion for truancy and/or excessive absenteeism.

As per board policy, any student who misses 10 days consecutively or 15 days concurrently per semester, may have his/her work permit revoked by the superintendent.

Parent(s)/guardian(s) must notify the school on the day a student is absent unless previous notification has been given in accordance with school procedure for absences. The principal or his/her designee is also required to notify a student’s parents, custodial parent, guardian, legal custodian, or other person responsible for him/her when the student is absent from school.

The parent, or other responsible person, shall be notified by telephone on the day of absence or written notice shall be mailed on the following day the student is absent if no parent/guardian notification is received by the school. Parents or other responsible persons shall provide the school with their current home and/or work telephone numbers and home addresses, as well as emergency telephone numbers.

If a student arrives to school after the start of first period, 8:00, but prior to 8:45 (the completion of first period), he or she will be marked tardy to school. Any student arriving to school after 8:46 but prior to 11:00, the completion of 4th period, will be marked as a half day morning absence. If a student arrives to school after 11:00, he/she will be marked as a full day absence. A student who has attended school prior to 11:00 and leaves school after 11:00 and prior to 2:25 will be marked as a half day afternoon absence. In order to participate in after school related activities, a student will need to be in school for a minimum for three and a half hours (3 ½).

Any student who is absent due to an emergency or set of circumstances beyond control may appeal to the approving authority for permission to participate in school-related activities that day.

Any student who arrives after first period has begun and fails to sign-in will be counted as absent for the entire day, will not be able to participate in after school-related activities that day, and may received after school detention for not following sign-in procedure. Any student arriving after 8:45 a.m. will be counted absent from 1/2 Block. Any absence of twenty minutes or more from any class will be considered as a class cut/absence. After school detention will be assigned for cuts. Absence from class occurs when a student misses more than 10 minutes of a 40 minute class or 20 minutes of an 80 minute class. These absences could be considered unexcused or truant.


A student is tardy to school when he/she arrives after the beginning of first period but before 8:45. If a student is not in their required class prior to the start of the period, the student will receive a tardy. Tardies to school and class are tracked separately. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Bellefontaine High School administration allows students to accumulate 3 tardies in each category prior to discipline being issued. The following procedure will be followed separately in respect to tardiness to school and class (this will be for each semester):

First through Third Tardy Warnings-No Punishment

Fourth Tardy 1 After School Detention

Fifth Tardy 2 After School Detentions

Sixth Tardy 1 Day of ISI/Court Notification

Seventh Tardy 2 Days of ISI

Eighth and each Additional Tardy 3 Days of ISI



1. It is the student’s responsibility to check for make-up work for absences.

2. The student shall see the teacher(s) the first day the student has returned from an

absence to get assignments for work missed. The student then has as many days as

he/she was absent plus one to complete and turn in the make-up work.

3. Make-up work not turned in within the make-up period (days absent plus one)

may not be accepted, and the student may receive a zero for that particular


4. Teachers are encouraged to assign make-up work for all days missed. The make-up work may be different or more difficult than the original assignment or classroom work missed.

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