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Saturday October 19th 8:45 AM - bus departs... do not be late (remember last time it took 20 minutes to go 1 mile at this site's exit) 9:00 AM - D-III Girls (West Liberty) 9:30 AM - D-III Boys Race I 10:00 AM - D-III Girls Race II 10:30 AM - D-III Boys 11:00 AM - DIII Girls 11:30 AM - D-III Boys (West Liberty) 12:00 noon - D-II Girls (Bellefontaine) 12:30 PM - D-II Boys (Bellefontaine) 1:00 PM - D-II Girls, 1:30 PM D-II Boys Race 2, 2:00PM D-I Girls, 2:30 PM- DI Boys, 3PM others 1:45 PM - 2:00 PM head back to Bellefontaine 3:15 PM - 3:30 PM arrive back in Bellefontaine Teams in our race - Carroll, Oakwood, Chaminade Julienne, Bellefontaine, Northwestern, Alter, Milton Union, Ben Logan, Graham, Greenview, Brookville, Indian Lake, Northridge (top 3 qualify to the regional next Saturday; top 12 individuals) Directions - take 68 south thru West Liberty and Urbana to 68 outerbelt loop of Springfield---continue until hitting I-70 West (Indiannapolis exit)---->  continue passing I-75 interchange ---> go past I-75 for several miles until you come to the Hoke Road exit (See the Alliance Invitational meet sheet for exit number)--- turn left off of I-70 West onto Hoke Road --->  go about 1 mile and the Miami Valley Career and Tech Center will be on your left. Team goals - 80 runners:  Ryan picked 10th-12th; Storm picked 12th-15th; David and Wes picked 25th and 26th; Jay picked 35th place; TJ chose 55th  .... Let's go Chiefs! Weather Outlook:  47 degrees racetime, rain, cold, mud, misery.... that's good!  Let's use it to our advantage! What to bring - extra pairs of socks, extra undergarments, towels, raingear to warmup in, to eat at concessions or t-shirts....Coach Davis will have PB and J What to do if we accomplish goals -  "Smash the pumpkin!"
Posted by Ben.Davis  On Oct 18, 2013 at 6:36 PM 38 Comments
ROCKET INVITATIONAL ANNA HIGH SCHOOL CROSS - COUNTRY INVITATIONAL DATE: Saturday, October 5th, 2013 Buse departure 7:45 AM RACE SCHEDULE:  High School Girls 10:00 AM  Junior High Girls 10:40 AM  High School Boys 11:10 AM  Junior High Boys 11:50 AM  Awards (at track) 12:30 PM Return to Bellefontaine - 1:30 PM (if team gets an award, if not then earlier) LOCATION:Anna is 7 miles north of Sidney, Ohio and 24 miles south of Lima, Ohio . Anna is reached by exiting Interstate 75 at Exit 99 and proceeding west on State Route 119 approximately one mile. Turn right at the first stoplight. The course is located at the Anna Elementary School. Anna Elementary is located just north of the village of Anna on County Road 25A. Use the elementary parking lot. The starting lines are on the north west side of the elementary building. AWARDS:  Championship and Runner-up trophies for the top four boy and girl teams, both junior high and high school.  Medals 1st -15th individually in all races. Place ribbons to 16 through 50. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS : Athletes must use ¼ INCH SPIKES OR SMALLER Since we will be finishing on Anna’s all - weather track, athletes will be required to use ¼ spikes or smaller.
Posted by Ben.Davis  On Sep 30, 2013 at 7:57 PM 95 Comments
The Chiefs raced their way to a 2nd place finish at the Neil Charske Kettering Fairmont CC Invitational. #9 in state Oakwood won the meet with 36 points followed by the Chiefs at 73 and Alter with 86.  Ryan Dunn led the way with a top 10 finish.  The Chiefs squeezed their top 5 runners into the top 20 of the field of 85 runners.  Capturing season PR's were David Guajardo, Tyler Avila, and Keith Wisecup.  Results may be found below: Varsity Race (85 runners) 10 Ryan Dunn 11 17:56 12 Wes Samuels 10 18:10 15 David Guajardo 11 18:17 17 Storm Harman 11 18:31 20 Jay Clement 11 18:43 ( 32) T.J. Lamb 9 19:44 ( 35) Adam Preston 10 20:01-- (42) Logan Carr 11 20:22 (62) Adam Verbsky 11 21:42 Junior Varsity Race  76 Dean Smith 11 21:54  82 Tyler Avila 11 22:08  87 Cayden Dement 11 22:50  107 Zack Kerns 9 24:13  109 Keith Wisecup 12 24:26  (114) Michael Coakley 11 25:32
Posted by Ben.Davis  On Sep 30, 2013 at 7:50 PM 25 Comments
Fairmont Firebird Invitational September 28th, 2013 @ Indian Riffle Park XC Course in Kettering, Ohio Hosted by Kettering Fairmont  Timing/Results   6:20 AM – Be at the high school (bring pillows and blankies if ya want!)  Bus leaves at 6:30 AM 9:00 AM – Varsity Girls D-II and D-III Race (Top 10) 9:40 AM – Varsity Boys D-II and D-III Race (Top 10, but we’re running 8) Storm, David, Jay, Wes, TJ, Logan, Adam P 10:15 AM – JV Girls 11:00 AM -  JV Boys Team Race (Next top 10) Adam V, Dean, Cale, Cayden, Zack, Michael, Keith Noon Awards 1:30 PM – time to return to Bellefontaine  (if we do not stay for awards… we can be back a tad sooner)  If it helps band kids to run in the earlier race, we can arrange that.  That would give them the chance to unwind.  We have to make sure we have 5 runners in the 2nd race (JV team race). 9 AM 56°    Mostly Sunny   10 AM 58° Sunny   11 AM 66° Sunny AWARDS VARSITY BOYS & GIRLS DIVISION SILVER (II-III), BLUE (I) Trophies to Champion, Runner-up, and 3rd Place in Silver and Blue Divisions 1st – 10th-- Individual Large Medals 11th - 20th-- Individual Small Medals 21st - 30th--Ribbons JUNIOR VARSITY BOYS & GIRLS DIVISION SILVER (II-III), BLUE (I) Boys Team Race Championship and Runner-up Trophies Individual Awards: Top 30 finishers -- Ribbons Girls Team Race Championship and Runner-up Trophies Individual Awards: Top 30 finishers --Ribbons     Directions – US-68 South toward Springfield ---->   Take US I-70 West toward Indianapolis ----> Take exit onto I-675 South toward Cincinnati --->  Take exit 10 for Indian Ripple Road toward Dorothy Lane/Kettering ---> turn right onto Indian Ripple Road ---> turn left onto East Stroop road......keep right at the fork.  Turn right.  Destination will be on the right. Indian Riffle Park…Note the different names.     Outlook – Celina and Oakwood are teams that will be vying for one of those top 4 regional spots to qualify to the state meet. Celina is in another regional though.  Our varsity has yet to put together its best race yet as we still have pieces missing.  Celina is a team just a hair ahead of Kenton Ridge and Northwestern.  Let’s beat Celina!!!  Let's keep that tight pack, but string together good races out of everyone.  Who will make our 6th, 7th man spot strong Saturday?  When it comes down to deciding who runs varsity at district (top 7) we will use the criteria at the bottom.  Focus on moving up the entire race, rather than getting bogged down.  The varsity race is small.  There will not be hundreds of runners in this race.  You should be close to the front.  On the JV side, you will have hundreds in your race.  Use the competition to inch closer to those varsity times.  Know the course.  We will run 8-10 in the first varsity race and no less than 5 in the the team JV race (See schedule above).      An extra long cooldown cannot hurt.  Jay is in charge of the varsity warmup and Dean is in charge of the 2nd group’s warmup.  Storm is in charge of the varsity cooldown and Tyler is in charge of the 2nd team cool down.  Make sure everyone is together,  Bring plenty of clothes to run in.  You want to be warm while you are standing around rooting for other team members as well.    October 5th – Anna Invitational October 9thWednesday CC teams are in charge of collecting items 5-7PM that will be dopped off for the Booster Garage Sale October 12th Saturday Track and Field Team are in charge of working at the Booster Garage Sale October 12th CBC Meet at Tipp City October 15th – Young’s Dairy Invitational (Youngs Dairy afterward)  Athletes not in the top 10 should turn in uniforms afterward October 19th – Division II District Meet at Miami Valley Career Center (Trotwood)  (Top 3 teams to Regional, 12 individuals) Oct
Posted by Ben.Davis  On Sep 27, 2013 at 5:28 PM 69 Comments
The Chiefs placed 7th out of 14 teams at the tough Troy Invitational Saturday.  Cincinnati Sycamore and Troy led all teams.  Out of the 208 runners the Chiefs placed 5 in the top 50. Coach Davis quoted, "It was a solid 3rd race in a week after 2 outstanding races, but our eyes should be set upon some great strides in this next month."  Results were as follows: 21st Ryan Dunn 17:48 29th Storm Harman 18:05 35th Wes Samuels 18:18 49th Jay Clement 18:36 50th David Guajardo 18:39 74th Adam Preston 19:20 new PR 79th TJ Lamb 19:28 new PR 117th Logan Carr 20:49 156th Adam Verbsky 22:35 160th Cayden DeMent 22:48 164th Tyler Avila 22:58 175th Zack Kerns 23:10 new PR 181st Michael Coakley 24:06 season PR 196th Keith Wisecup 25:18 season PR The Chiefs travel to Kettering next Saturday.  Bus departure time is 6:30 AM.  The varsity girls run at 9:00 AM and the boys right afterward.  The junior varsity races will be immediately after them.
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Troy Invitational Saturday September 21st, 2013 by Troy Memorial Stadium and beside Hobart Arena                                                                                                                                                             Friday Curfew:  10:30 P.M.  (Get that 8 hrs of sleep)   Saturday  6:30 AM – bus pulls out for Troy Invitational… Do Not Miss The Bus!!! Varsity an JV Boys               9:00 am Varsity and JVGirls               9:40 am 12:30 PM Return to Bellefontaine (if not before) Troy conflicts????  If you have a situation requiring you to take your athlete after the meet in the case of an unavoidable conflict (BOE adopted athletic code), make sure that Coach Davis knows this by Friday evening with a note or call or text him at 210-0430 .  This policy is in place to protect your student-athlete.  Thanks!   Directions to Troy -  take 235 through DeGraff and Quincy.  Follow 235 past KTH factory and through 36 intersection (Top Hat on left).  Continue on 235 until reaching (2 options) state route 55 or Old Troy Pike Road..  Turn right onto 55 taking it until you reach Troy.  On into Troy you should see the stadium.  Parking is between the football stadium and Hobart Arena.  It should take less than an hour by car.   What to Bring?  - towel, money for concession or packed lunch, spikes if you have them (½” - 5/8” would probably work at Troy), uniform and a change of dry clothes (always prep for rain).  It will be soggy more than likely so prep with longer spikes.    Next Saturday – Kettering Fairmont Firebird Invitational at Rapid Riffle Park.  Be at school 6:30 AM.     Troy's Course -Flat, fast...especially if they cut the grass's the regional pay attention if you are a candidate for varsity spots at the season's end. We've fared well here as we've won 5 regional titles, 2 runner-up regional titles and qualified the team out to the state meet 8 times!  It is like a track when the ground is hard and ry.  We will need some volunteers to be at key locations counting places for you to hear throughout the race to use.   Focu on  things that you can control....moving up throughout the race...setting many short term goals throughout the race... talking the positive talk.  Many of you PR'd at Alliance or Ohio Caverns.  External conditions beyond your noggins only affect those who are weak minded and waiver in the wind.  Be mentally tough tomorrow.   You can do amazing things if you can conquer the battle that lies within.  Let’s keep that pack attack going!  Let’s get a closer 1-5 pack.  Let’s draw that 6 and 7 runners closer to that pack.   The rest of you… Adam, Adam, and Dean have made strides toward big improvement.  Keep at it!  Be consistent! Cayden is still headed toward those freshman times.  Zack is looking like a CC runner!  Coakley nearly got his PR at Ohio Caverns!  Keith has had great practices and it showed at Alliance.  Tyler ran a good race in his Chieftain debut and looks toward reeling in some of you guys.  Be consistent Saturday.  PR’s don’t happen every race, but a PR mentality and preparation can!  There aren’t a lot of schools(see below)…Tipp,  Anna, Sycamore, Troy, and probably  Kings will be tough.  Most are all division I schools.  Let us focus on the goals above. Be smart at the football game.  Get home tonight.  Some of you have let this team down this season because you stayed out way too late!  Have a great race!  We should get home in good time!  You can do what you want Friday night Saturday!  (Within the boundaries of moral and ethical, athletic-code behavior) Weather – wind 8 mph; high of 68.-60 while you are running!!!!   Humidity 97%+.   Hydrate!!! Cooler yes, but hydration is still a must!! AnnaBellefontaine BrookvilleFranklin MonroeKingsLoveland High School Princeton HSSpringfield High SchoolSycamore Tippecanoe Tipp CityTri-County North Troy Christian Troy High School  Twin Valley South  
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The Chieftain Boys CC squad is finally making a move in the right direction.  The past 2 races they have certainly turned a corner.  Tonight in the 20 team Ohio Caverns Invitational, they bested the entire field by outdistancing 2nd place Kenton Ridge 62-72.  Kenton Ridge had won a 20 team meet at Brookville 2 Saturdays ago.  County rival West Liberty Salem was 4th with 111 points.  The Tigers had beaten the Chiefs 3 weeks ago at the Kiwanis Logan County Meet.  Behind the Chiefs attack was a tight top 5 pack that was placed 4th to 18th.  It was the Chiefs first win at Ohio Caverns in 11 years.There were 126 runners in the varsity race. Below are the individual results for the varsity and the junior varsity. Varsity (126 runners) 4. Storm Harman 18:00 9. Ryan Dunn 18:17 14. Jay Clement 18:31 17. Wes Samuels 18:40 18. David Guajardo 18:40 57. Logan Carr 20:16 66. TJ Lamb 20:32 Junior Varsity (40 runners) 8. Adam Preston 21:25 19. Dean Smtih 22:16 20. Adam Verbsky 22:20 23. Tyler Avila 22:55 28. Cayden Dement 23:18 32. Zack Kerns 24:10 36. Michael Coakley 25:01 39. Keith Wisecup 26:54 The Chiefs travel to Troy's Invitational Saturday.  The Varsity runs at 9:00 AM and the JV race is pending depending upon whether they run in the varsity race or a separate race.  Nice Job Chiefs!
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The Chieftain boys avenged several previous losses from earlier in the season by defeating CBC rivals Kenton Ridge and Northwestern in the Alliance Running CC Invitational.  The Chiefs tied Kenton Ridge placing 5th overall, but were awarded the higher place due to the tie breaker of their 6th runner freshman TJ Lamb besting KR's 6th runner.  Numerous PR's occurred as the crisp, cool 50 degree weather coupled with the fast, flat, dry ground provided the ideal condtions.  It was the best race of the season to date.  The Chiefs hope this will give them momentum heading into the 20 team invitational at Ohio Caverns Tuesday.  Results were as follows: (230 runners in race) 14th Storm Harman 17:29 22nd Ryan Dunn 17:23 30th Wes Samuels 17:57 44th Jay Clement 18:31 50th David Guajardo 18:37 88th TJ Lamb 19:38 91st Logan Carr 19:44 98th Adam Preston 19:57 145th Adam Verbsky 21:19 169th Dean Smith 21:51 171st Cayden Dement 21:55 203rd Zack Kerns 23:47 215th Michael Coackley 24:59 218th Keith Wisecup 25:59
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9:00 AM             Varsity Girls Silver – Div. II / III 9:40 AM             Varsity Boys Silver – Div. II / III 10:15 AM           JV Girls - All Divisions Team/Open Race 11:00 AM           JV Boys - All Divisions Team Race 11:30 AM           JV Boys Open Race (Timed but not scored) Noon                  Awards for High School Silver Division Trophies to Champion, Runner-up, and 3rd Place in Silver and Blue Divisions 1st – 10th-- Individual Large Medals 1th - 20th-- Individual Small Medals 1st - 30th--Ribbons JUNIOR VARSITY BOYS & GIRLS DIVISION SILVER (II-III), BLUE (I) Boys Team Race      Champion and Runner-up Trophies Individual Awards: Top 30 finishers -- Ribbons Girls Team Race       Champion and Runner-up Trophies Individual Awards: Top 30 finishers --Ribbons
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Bus Depart 3:15 PM JV Boys 4:45 PM HS Girls 5:15 PM HS Boys 5:45 PM
Posted by Ben.Davis  On Sep 17, 2013 at 7:59 AM 21 Comments
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